The Carroll Park Foundation is dedicated to restoring the Carroll’s Hundred historic landscape – one of Baltimore’s oldest and most authentic landmarks – as a unique, outdoor living-history museum.  Our primary focus is the authentic interpretation of the site’s diverse African and European heritage.  Our goal is to develop Carroll’s Hundred as an educational and cultural amenity, and as a regional heritage tourism destination for the enhancement and economic revitalization of the surrounding Baltimore communities.


In 1991, the Carroll Park Foundation entered into a 50-year license agreement with Baltimore City to restore the state easement-protected historic zone in the park.  In addition, the Foundation negotiated an agreement with the city’s Department of Recreation and Parks to develop a comprehensive Master Plan for Carroll Park. The objective was to develop a framework for restoring the park as a National Historic Landmark and at the same time to enhance and rehabilitate the adjacent ball fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas.  Great emphasis was placed on producing a harmonious design that was both beautiful and functional and that created natural landscaping transitions between the historic zone and recreational areas.

A New Opportunity -NPS Preserve America’s Treasures Funding

A quick tour of the park today will show that current park-wide landscaping does little to enhance this National Landmark site. Carroll’s Hundred has received funding from the National Park Service Preserve America’s Treasures grant program to create a design plan for the historic area that will create more harmonious linkages between the historic and recreational areas.

Baltimore has a new opportunity to realize the extraordinary heritage tourism potential of Carroll Park’s National Historic Landmarks.  Let’s add Baltimore’s Carroll’s Hundred to the list of America’s great outdoor historical parks like Williamsburg and Mount Vernon (the National Park Service made this comparison over 20 years ago!), and realize the economic development opportunity of this sleeping heritage giant. You can lend your support for our plans to restore Carroll’s Hundred and to protect its unique cultural legacy by becoming a member today.