Baltimore: Town of a Thousand Beats

Keepin' On... Keepin' On

“The Home Town”, the “City of Neighborhoods”, “America in Miniature”, Baltimore’s identity and its strength have always been fueled by the fierce loyalties and the diversity of its racial and ethnic communities. We believe that any vision for Baltimore’s future must be laser focused on harnessing this strength. This belief directs our strong advocacy for groups actively working to restore the historic cultural legacy of Baltimore’s neighborhoods, including the Laurel Cemetery Memorial Task Force and our partner the Sacred Spaces Initiative. Please join the discussion on the Carroll’s Hundred blog, our Advocacy Pages, and Baltimore Beats, an interactive blog to exchange information and news.

Carroll’s Hundred

A Brief Historical Saga — For twenty-five years, the Carroll Park Foundation focused, laser-like, on educating the public and protecting the historical record of one …

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Sacred Spaces

Laurel Cemetery, on Belair Road just opposite Clifton Park Golf Course, was once the final resting place for thousands of Baltimore’s African American citizens, including …

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Baltimore Beats

This past August, as Carroll’s Hundred was gearing up to launch its new website, in a curious twist of synchronicity, the New York Times Magazine …

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