Topic: The Iron Furnace

Lesson Plan: African American Legacy (Middle and High School)

Iron manufacturing was one of the economic pillars of the Maryland colony. It is very important to understand the role of enslaved African Americans in making this possible. This Lesson Plan introduces students to this subject using primary and secondary sources.

Lesson Plan: American Crucible — Pioneers of Iron (Middle and High School)

An introduction to the 18th-century context of the economic and labor conditions of colonial Maryland. Students will gain skills in using multidisciplinary resources to understand the people and their work at Carroll’s Hundred.

What is Carroll's Hundred / Pig Iron to Steel

On this plantation, iron was the chief product rather than cotton or tobacco. The furnace on nearby Gwynns Falls was operated 24 hours a day, producing pig iron for export to England.

Baltimore's Forgotten Pioneers

Diversity powers American greatness. We see its origins at Carroll’s Hundred where African Americans, European indentured servants, Native Americans, and freemen powered the trans-Atlantic iron economy. The aim of this website is to recognize the contributions of all America’s pioneers.

Documents and Other Media

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